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Holding Professionals Responsible For Negligence

When you put your trust in a professional, you are acting on the assumption that they will handle your needs with the appropriate care and respect needed to fulfill your requests.

While it is a professional’s responsibility to properly and efficiently perform their duties, this doesn’t always happen, leading to negative consequences involving serious injuries and wrongful death.

At Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels, Attorneys at Law, we want to help you receive the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured as a result of professional malpractice.

Skilled Defense Against Professional Negligence

When you call our law office, you can expect to speak to a committed, knowledgeable Greenville professional malpractice lawyer who is part of a team that boasts more than 90 years of legal experience.

Through a comprehensive examination of your case and the circumstances surrounding it, we will work with the appropriate specialists in related fields in order to build a strong case for you. We understand the importance of collecting facts and details that can help prove your claim and obtain compensation for medical care, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you’ve endured because of your injuries.

Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels have handled professional malpractice claims, including but not limited to:

  • Legal malpractice — Breach of ethical and professional codes of conduct, including conflicts of interest, commingling of funds, ineffective assistance of counsel, etc.
  • Medical malpractice — Failure to diagnose, errors during treatment, medical negligence, including prescribed medications, unclean medical facilities, etc.
  • Architectural malpractice — Use of inadequate or faulty building materials, negligent inspections, faulty surveys, violations of state building codes, poor design that causes structural unsoundness, etc.

Whether your case is settled out of court or tried, we are committed to recovering for the medical injuries and lost wages you’ve suffered because of the negligence of a professional. We are experienced litigators, and we are prepared to strongly protect your interests in or out of court.

We’ll Help You Recover From Professional Malpractice

Were you a victim of professional malpractice? If you suffered unnecessary injuries from a medical procedure, an architectural defect or other professional service, we can help. Call Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels today at 662-580-4551 to schedule an initial appointment or contact us online.