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Pursuing Compensation For Truck And Motorcycle Accidents

As an injured victim of a truck accident, it can be tough to fight by yourself for your right to recover compensation against major trucking companies and their legal teams. Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels, Attorneys at Law in Greenville understands this and is proud to stand up for the rights of wrongfully injured accident victims.

Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries

The need for accident compensation can be significant. Compared with car and truck drivers, motorcyclists face higher risks on the roads and highways of Mississippi. Because of their relative lack of protection, they are prone to more severe injuries from the negligent actions of other motorists. Truck and motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries or death. It is common for catastrophic injuries to include:

  • Broken bones and severe internal injuries
  • Fractured spine
  • Traumatic brain injury

Lifelong disabilities can result from these injuries, requiring extended care and medical treatment. An accident victim may never be able to work for a living again.

Help Filing A Wrongful Death Claim After Losing A Loved One

Families of those whose injuries prove fatal are forced to go on with their lives without their loved one. Our firm vigorously pursues reparations for these life-changing tragedies through wrongful death claims, and has done so for decades.

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