Trust Over 90 Years Of Experience

Guiding You Through High-Asset Divorce

Navigating the emotionally charged divorce process can be overwhelming under any circumstance. Things can be more complicated when a couple enters the proceedings with substantial assets. At the law firm of Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels, Attorneys at Law, we have over 90 years of combined experience guiding clients in western Mississippi toward the best possible divorce settlements. Let our experience guide you.

Equipped To Handle Complex Asset Division

Whether one party entered the marriage with high assets or they were acquired during the marriage, dividing assets can be complex, especially when there is no prenuptial agreement. In addition to items such as vehicles, homes and other properties, there are often several factors to consider, including:

  • Valuable personal belongings such as jewelry, artwork and collectibles
  • Complicated assets ranging from stock options and stock voting rights to real estate partnerships, deferred compensation and businesses
  • Financial resources held in trust — couples may also want to create a trust for children or grandchildren during the divorce process
  • Potential tax implications related to the settlement

Our experience with high-asset divorce makes us equipped to ensure that assets are properly accounted for and divided. We care about your future and want to help you maintain your quality of life.

Moving Toward Divorce Resolution

We understand that taking a case to trial can be both financially and emotionally taxing. Our goal is to bring closure for our clients in the most efficient manner possible. We use our knowledge of state statutes and case law to move toward the best possible solution. Whether we craft a deal through negotiation or take your case to litigation, we will work on your behalf with attention to you and your family’s best interests.

Facing Divorce With A Trusted Ally

If you are facing the complexities of a high-asset divorce, you need an attorney with experience you can trust. We want to help you move forward. Call 888-673-5324 to discuss your options or email us to schedule a consultation.