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Skilled Representation Through Your Divorce

Divorce can hinder your life both emotionally and financially, creating deficits that reach well into you and your family’s future. At Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels, Attorneys at Law, we want to help you avoid the unnecessary negative effects related to your divorce and help you navigate the often complex Mississippi legal process surrounding your proceedings.

Helping You Settle Your Divorce

We understand that making the decision to divorce and following through with it can be difficult, as well as exhausting. We want you to know that we are committed to protecting you and your children’s rights.

With more than nine decades of combined experience guiding residents of western Mississippi through varied and multifaceted divorces, we can assist you with your situation.

Contested Or Uncontested?

While mediation and negotiation are ideal when trying to preserve harmony in your life, we understand that your spouse may not voluntarily agree to divorce. In these cases, Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels is devoted to protecting your interests by using its solid litigation skills in court.

While we can secure both mediation and arbitration proceedings to help conclude your divorce, we also provide legal guidance and representation in cases involving:

  • Irreconcilable differences — You may be able to reach a divorce settlement in as little as two months if you and your spouse mutually decide to part ways and can agree on property division, financial support and child custody. Due to the unpredictable nature of marital relationships, it is still important to legally protect yourself and your property when dealing with your uncontested divorce.
  • Fault-based divorce — This happens when a spouse files for divorce due to faults in the marriage as stated in Mississippi’s divorce laws, including adultery, desertion, etc. In this case, you’ll need a compassionate, experienced divorce lawyer to protect your rights throughout the duration of your divorce.

Moreover, we offer sound legal advice and representation regarding alimony, child support, equitable distribution claims and other family-related matters that could arise during your divorce. Our firm also has experienced representing clients in high-asset divorces.

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If you need help with your contested or uncontested divorce or would like mediation and arbitration assistance, call Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels today at 662-580-4551 or use our online form.