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Protecting Students From Criminal Charges

If a lapse of judgment leading to criminal charges threatens to tarnish your university student’s record, call on the Greenville law firm of Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels, Attorneys at Law to take action. We work hard to help students at Ole Miss and other schools avoid having mistakes result in criminal convictions that can ruin their future prospects.

Experienced Legal Allies For College Students

If a college student is convicted of a drug, alcohol or other charge of criminal conduct, they can lose financial aid, struggle to find housing and possibly face expulsion from school. Also, their future employment may be negatively impacted. Our firm has over 90 years of combined legal experience and litigation skill to pursue a positive case resolution.

Pursuing Freedom From Criminal Charges

We regularly defend clients from criminal convictions on charges such as:

Convictions for these crimes carry substantial consequences, including fines, jail time and possibly inclusion on the sex offender registry. Just as significant, a conviction can carry a stigma for decades to come. As a trusted and long-standing law firm in western Mississippi, we have a reputation for getting favorable case results.

Building A Case Against Alcohol Charges

Underage drinking, driving under the influence and public intoxication are common charges brought against college students. Our attorneys look at the evidence leading to a client’s indictment, seeking case error, violation of due process and evidence proving innocence.

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