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What do I do after being a victim of medical malpractice?

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When we go to the doctor, we expect the best, and even if we do not expect Cadillac service, we at least, expect to be treated reasonably and feel better after treatment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and medical professionals (orderlies, medical assistants, nurses, physicians, surgeons and the hospitals themselves) do not always provide us with that standard of care. In fact, sometimes, they act negligently, which is when a medical malpractice or professional malpractice claim can be needed.

Before initiating anything, call the provider first

A medical malpractice claim can take quite a long time to prosecute. A full case can sometimes, drag on for years, and with appeals, possibly the better part of a decade. This is why there are three options that can be used prior to a medical malpractice claim that can get patients some relief. The first pre-medical malpractice claim is to contact the medical provider first. Usually, the medical provider will want to avoid the situation escalating and will work something out with their patient to solve the problem. For example, if a patient has scaring or some extra skin from a surgery, they can offer to help solve those issues for free. It is at this step where most medical malpractice claims are resolved.

Medical licensing board

The next pre-medical malpractice claim option is to report the incident to the local or state medical licensing board. While the board cannot order the doctor to compensate the aggrieved patient, they can punish the doctor for their negligence. And, theses boards usually will help patients file these claims.

Out-of-court settlement

The final preliminary option is an out-of-court Mississippi settlement that can be done with the medical provider themselves, their employer or their medical malpractice insurance carrier. Work with an attorney or some other expert to ensure that the settlement is fair and will rectify the ongoing medical needs.

Statute of limitations

A key concern that may warrant involving a Greenville, Mississippi, attorney, even at the preliminary stage, is the issue of state statute of limitations. These are time limits on when a patient must sue their medical provider to get their day in court. Some medical providers know this information and may try to drag the preliminary stag out with the hopes that their patient will then fall outside of the SOL. Do not let this happen, and if one does not want to involve an attorney initially, then some quick internet searching on the topic is still needed.