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What should I know about workers’ compensation medical benefits?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Uncategorized |

In Mississippi, any worker can face the prospect of being injured on the job and losing time and income. This is especially problematic in physically taxing jobs like farm work, manufacturing, factories and construction. Because these workers need to be able to physically perform various tasks, any injury can prevent them from completing their duties. This is when it is imperative to know when to seek workers’ compensation and how it helps with any loss the worker incurred. Since medical expenses can be exorbitant, this is a key aspect of a case.

Workers can get medical benefits through workers’ compensation

One of the two benefits that injured workers can receive – along with wage loss benefits – is medical benefits. Workers can get treatment that is needed and reasonable to help maximize their recovery. This includes being hospitalized, treated by physicians, receiving nursing care, getting medication, having physical therapy and equipment that might be required. In addition, if the person needs to travel for treatment, the mileage can be covered. The rates change periodically and there is a chart detailing how much a person will receive. The worker may also receive rehabilitation to help with recovery and getting back to work.

In some instances, workers would like to choose their own medical provider. That medical provider can subsequently refer the worker to another provider. This can be a specialist to continue treatment and neither the employer nor the insurer can deny it. If, for example, a factory worker suffers a back injury from performing his or her duties, workers’ compensation can cover orthopedic care to try and treat the problem effectively for as full a recovery as possible. It is imperative to remember that there are limits limits and seeking additional care from a chosen medical provider will require approval.

To maximize medical care from workers’ compensation, help might be needed

Those who are hurt on the job and are unsure of what they will do to make ends meet and get the treatment they need should be fully cognizant of workers’ compensation medical benefits. In some instances, there may be a disagreement between the worker, the employer and the insurer as to the extent of the injuries and the level of treatment required. To avoid being deprived of the benefits they are entitled to, having assistance can be essential.