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Lowered driver’s license standards in Mississippi causes concern

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Driving in Mississippi is a significant responsibility. For young people who are new to the road, it can be perceived as a rite of passage and a sign that they are reaching adulthood. While there are many positives, there are simultaneous negatives for the new drivers and those who share the road with them. Inexperience is a factor in many accidents. In the past, teaching people to drive was designed to give them practical experience so they would be prepared for what they were bound to encounter when they became licensed and took to the road on their own. Now, however, the standards to get a driver’s license in the state have been reduced, causing safety concerns.

A simple form now allows a person to drive alone

Whereas learning to drive once consisted of having an instructor show a new student the rules of the road for a predetermined number of hours and the driver then needed to pass a road test with a Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper, that is no longer the case. Now, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety allows drivers to legally drive without these requirements. When a person turns 16, he or she needs a permit for one year, a form proving school attendance and a parental waiver of the road testing affidavit. It will pledge that the driver has had a minimum of 50 hours training. Those 18 and older need only a school attendance form.

Critics are worried that the lowered standards will lead to people driving without the proper training and experience. Anecdotal evidence from emergency responders suggest that younger drivers may speed, be unprepared for poor driving conditions and make mistakes that sufficient learning time might avoid. In addition to these challenges, there is always the potential for distracted driving, recklessness, driving under the influence and other behaviors that can cause a collision. Younger drivers may be more vulnerable to the temptation to behave in an unsafe manner, placing everyone in jeopardy.

Assessing the cause of an auto accident is imperative when weighing options

Auto accidents with personal injury and death can happen for many reasons. Given the inevitable problems people face like medical expenses, lost time at work, long-term damage, the need for help from loved ones, the inability to contribute to a family and more, it is vital to think about how to move forward. It is even more important when there has been a fatality. The new template for which drivers are licensed may increase the chance of a crash. To determine how the collision happened and take the subsequent steps, it is useful to have professional guidance.