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What are the different types of workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families during one of the darkest times of their lives. It is important for injured workers to be familiar with how workers’ compensation benefits can help them and what different types of benefits are available.

Medical benefits

Medical benefits can include doctor’s visits and treatment by physicians, hospital and nursing services, medications, physical therapy, mileage for doctor’s appointments out of town and related expenses.

Wage loss benefits

Wage loss payments are tax free. Wage loss benefits are cash payments that can equal up to two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly pay. The wage loss benefits the injured worker will receive depend on the extent of the injured worker’s injury and wage loss.

Death benefits

If the worker dies because of a fatal workplace accident or occupational illness, the worker’s surviving spouse, children and other dependents may be able to receive death benefits and reasonable funeral expenses to help with the loss following a fatal workplace accident.

Rehabilitation benefits

Rehabilitation benefits may also be available to help the injured worker. Workers’ compensation protections cover nearly every worker in Mississippi except businesses with fewer than five employees and independent contractors and some others. Protections begin as soon as the worker begins work.

Workers need to report a workplace injury or illness right after it occurs. They are eligible for benefits as soon as they begin work. Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families with the challenges they face because of an injury that occurred at work. Injured workers need to know the ways they are protected and the types of benefits that may be available to them.