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Holiday weekend takes its toll on the roads

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Labor Day weekend is well known as a holiday in which the roads are crowded with travelers. It is also known as a weekend in which there a lot of serious and deadly motor vehicle accidents.

The National Safety Council recently estimated that, during Labor Day weekend 2021, over 465 people would lose their lives in traffic accidents. If this estimate is correct, it would be almost a 20% increase over the death toll in 2020.

Mississippi tragically saw its share of fatal and serious injury accidents over the recent holiday. Overall, the Mississippi Highway Patrol reported 6 fatalities and 54 injuries. Two of those who died were small children.

Two of the three reported fatal accidents happened at intersections. In both cases, cars collided at the crossroads of a state or federal highway and a major local road. While it was not clear how fast the vehicles were going, drivers usually are able to travel at higher speeds on rural roads and highways.

The other accidents happened when a driver for some reason crossed over a median and into oncoming traffic.

All of these accidents remain under investigation. Still, it is worth pointing out that Highway Patrol officers wrote over 6,600 tickets, including over 185 criminal DUI citations, over the recent long weekend.

Victims of traffic accidents over the holiday may have legal options

Because these accidents are still under investigation, it may be hard to lay responsibility on anyone.

Still, the victims of these accidents, and their families, will no doubt incur many out-of-pocket expenses because of the accidents. They may also have to figure out how to replace a breadwinner’s income, and they also will have to deal with the enormous emotional toll of losing a loved one.

They may be entitled to compensation for these losses and should evaluate their legal options carefully.