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Common construction injuries and help for injured workers

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Construction accidents can do a great deal of harm to injured construction workers and their families. For that reason, construction workers should be familiar with the different types of construction accident injuries and what they may be able to do to get help when injured.

Common construction injury types

There are several different categories of common construction injuries including:

  • Falls – falls are the most common type of construction injury. Construction workers can fall from scaffolding, roofs and other common heights on a construction site.
  • Falling objects – falling objects are another common danger on a construction site where improperly secured tools and equipment may fall from overhead and injure a worker.
  • Equipment-related injuries – equipment-related injuries can result from faulty equipment such as a forklift that malfunctions or a nail gun that misfires.
  • Back over and crush between accidents – construction workers can be backed over by large vehicles or equipment or can be pinned between large vehicles and equipment and concrete barriers, as an example.
  • Trench or building collapses – when a trench or building collapses, it can result in grave injuries to construction workers.
  • Fires and explosions – fires and explosions on construction sites can cause serious injuries. Construction workers may also be injured by other hazardous conditions or materials on a construction site.
  • Repetitive motion injuries – much of the work on a construction site is repetitive in nature which may also cause construction workers to suffer from repetitive stress injuries.

Workers’ compensation benefits are a resource that may be available to injured construction workers to help them through the period of time and the challenges they face after a construction accident. Construction workers impacted by a construction accident should be familiar with what workers’ compensation benefits can help with and how to obtain them.