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How can a fall from scaffolding happen?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Uncategorized |

While you may be aware of many dangers while working on a construction site, one you may not immediately think of is falling from scaffolding.

Once injured, you may not return to work like normal. Understanding how a fall can harm you can help you seek workers’ compensation.

Improper assembling

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, improper building or dissembling of a scaffold can lead to sudden falls. If a competent person does not properly inspect or oversee the scaffold as others assemble or dissemble it, then it could collapse while workers are still on it.

This competent person is responsible for predicting and fixing certain safety hazards. Workers rely on him or her to prevent collapses.

Falling objects

If a hammer or other item falls from above, it can easily hit someone in the head and cause him or her to stumble and trip. Many platforms are several feet above the ground, which means a greater risk of injury if you fall.

Workers should always have safety gear if there is a chance of a head injury. In the event your workplace fails to provide it to you, you may sustain worse injuries.

Lack of safety protection

Platforms with no railings or poor access can lead to a fall for unsuspecting workers trying to get from one area to another. Additionally, the ropes holding a platform suspended in the air can snap or become frayed.

Those in charge should check for any worn-out pieces of equipment or dangerously weak planks. As a worker, knowing what injuries qualifies for workers’ comp helps you if you become injured on the job.