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What should you know about the MASEP requirement?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Firm News |

If convicted of or non-adjudicated on a charge of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you may face penalties including fines, jail time and a driver’s license suspension. Additionally, the court may order you to participate in alcohol education classes.

Understanding what the court expects of you with regards to the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program may help ensure you met the requirement, so you may move forward.

Mandatory program participation

According to the Mississippi State University Social Science Research Center, for a first-offense DUI, you must complete MASEP. The court will issue an order for your attendance of MASEP that specifies the session you should enroll in, as well as the days and times you must attend. If you cannot attend MASEP as ordered, you must contact the court to receive approval for changing your session, location, or day and time.

Failure to enroll

If scheduled by the court to complete MASEP, you must do so, or you may face additional legal issues. The court may choose to hold you in contempt for failing to comply with a court order. Should the court find you guilty of contempt of court, you may face penalties including fines and jail time.

Program payment

Enrollment in MASEP requires a $200 fee. You must pay the fee in full at your first session. The program does not accept cash; therefore, you must pay by money order, debit card or credit card.

An OUI conviction or non-adjudication may have significant effects on your life, but completing the requirements as ordered by the court may help put the matter behind you for good.