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How does a DUI affect a college student?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Firm News |

Your current college course load may have you studying long into the night. When you do finally get a break, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

Drinking on and off Mississippi college campuses is common, even for underage students. What is the cost of a night of indulgence? When you find yourself getting pulled over by the police after drinking, you may find that you lose more than your license.

You may lose scholarships

If a college student gets a DUI, the authorities report it to the school. The implication of a DUI is not good when it comes to your immediate college experience. When you accept a scholarship, there are conditions you must continue to meet. While most have to do with your grades, others have to do with your behavior. This ethical or morality clause means that if you commit a crime, the school has the right to retract the scholarship. This may also impact your financial aid package in the same way. Some colleges may also force you out of on-campus housing.

You may not get into graduate school

When you face conviction of any crime, you must disclose it on applications for a prescribed time. Some criminal offenses disqualify you from obtaining certain professional credentials and jobs. Graduate programs may reject an applicant with a criminal record. If you fail to disclose a DUI, thinking the entity will not discover it, think again. A failure to list a crime is immediate grounds for disqualification.

As a college student, you are bound to partake in certain social activities. Stay safe and call for a ride if you do drink.