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What do you know about electrical hazards on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Firm News |

Recently, an employee suffered electrocution burns at the construction site where you work. Despite your experience as a construction worker, you should occasionally review the Fatal Four construction hazards to understand when your employer may bear responsibility for any harm you suffer on the job.

The American Safety Council explores common electrical hazards on construction sites and discusses how to keep yourself safe. Do your part to protect yourself and understand when you may have a workers’ compensation claim on your hands.

Common electrocution hazards

Examples of electrocution hazards commonly found on construction sites include using unsafe cords, touching power lines and touching live sources. Scenarios that may put you and others at risk of electrocution include wet working conditions, metal touching power lines, touching flexible or extension cords in need of repair and working around faulty wiring and electrical outlets.

Protecting yourself against common electrical hazards

You and your employer may work together to keep you and other employees safe from electrical hazards. Doing so involves ensuring you receive adequate training, looking out for overhead power lines and using top-quality ground-fault circuit interrupters. You should also make a habit of checking all extension cords and power tools for damage before plugging them in and using them. Also, follow the latest requirements for tagout/lockout. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers courses on protecting yourself against electrical hazards, for which you receive a Hazard Recognition Training Wallet Card upon completion.

You do not have to become a statistic or suffer unnecessary harm at work. Staying updated on electrical hazards helps you understand when your employer may act as a negligent party in any electrical injuries you suffer.