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Man dies in Hamilton rollover accident

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Firm News |

Many people in Mississippi may debate over the responsibility that drivers have for the safety of their passengers. Some might argue that the moment a motorist agrees to transport a passenger, they assume full responsibility for that person’s safety. That argument may hold true in cases where an adult transports a child or teen, yet about adult passengers?

Most likely will admit that adults should have sufficient experience to understand the wisdom of basic safe traveling practices (such as wearing a seat belt). If they choose not to do so, should the driver face the consequences of that decision?

Lowndes County collision kills man

Such is the determination pending following an accident that recently occurred on Highway 45 in Hamilton. According to the Monroe Journal, a man died after his vehicle overturned near the Lowndes County line. Reports state that the car suddenly lost control and rolled down an embankment adjacent to the road. Authorities investigating the accident reported that the decedent was a passenger in the vehicle, and that neither he nor the driver had a seat belt on at the time.

Reckless driving vs. a negligent decision

The exact reason why the vehicle in this case lost control and left the road is not known. Yet in cases such as this, the aforementioned question of liability depends largely on the actions of the driver. While one might say that an adult passenger assumes a certain degree of risk when choosing not to wear a seat belt, they have no direct control over the driver’s actions. When those actions lean towards recklessness, then many may argue that the driver holds all of the liability for an accident. That liability may merit legal action. Those looking to pursue it may first wish to consult with an experienced legal professional to discuss their options.