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10 people injured in hayride accident near Picayune

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Firm News |

Much debate may still exist among people in Mississippi about the issue of responsibility when it comes to hosting activities or offering services. When inviting another to do something like ride on an ATV, go rock climbing or even traveling as a passenger in a car, the one doing the inviting seemingly accepts a certain degree of responsibility for those they invite. If and when the activity results in an accident, people may be quick to claim that responsibility equates to liability. 

Many may wonder if that indeed is the case. Liability for any injuries resulting from activities often depends on the circumstances of the situations, as well as the attention to care (or lack thereof) of those involved. 

Harrowing conclusion to hayride in Pearl River County 

Sorting that out can be a complex process, which may be what awaits those involved in a hayride accident near Picayune. According to the Clarion Ledger, 10 people sustained critical injuries when a truck hit the trailer pulling them as part of a hayride. The force of the collision forced the trailer off the road, injuring its occupants (including three young children) in the process. Authorities are still attempting to determining what caused the collision. 

Liability spread across multiple parties

In cases such as this, the issue of liability is often unclear. Yet sometimes that responsibility belongs to multiple parties. In such a scenario, anyone sharing in the liability for an accident may become the target of legal action initiated by accident victims needing financial compensation for their expenses. Earning such compensation may be easier if one had reliable legal assistance to turn to through the litigation process.