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Should I take my divorce to court?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | High-asset Divorce |

There are many advantages to collaborative divorce. Typically, collaborative divorces are much faster and far cheaper than a trial divorce.

However, collaboration is not possible in all instances. You may be in a position where taking a divorce to trial is more fruitful. According to Forbes Magazine, you must weigh the likelihood of getting what you need out of the divorce settlement versus time and money when making this decision.

Why is collaborative divorce less expensive? 

There are multiple ways to go through a collaborative divorce, but one of the more common setups involves each party having his or her own lawyer. Then, everybody will meet together to talk about the divorce terms.

Again, there are some variations in approach to collaborative divorce. Even if your collaboration looks a little bit different than this, it minimizes the amount of legal personnel involved with the process. This makes it much cheaper. Plus, you will not need to meet with your attorney as often for a collaborative divorce as you do not need to prep for court dates.  

Will trial divorce get me what I want? 

If you and your ex-spouse cannot talk civilly together, it is unlikely that collaboration will bear any fruit. If you think it will not be possible to negotiate with your ex-spouse, having an impartial judge decide your divorce terms may be in your best benefit.

Remember that you must prove to the judge in legal terms that you should get what you are asking for out of the divorce. It is not a good idea to take a divorce to trial just to have a public place to air grievances about your ex-spouse.