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Complexity understandably ratchets up with high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | High-asset Divorce |

Marital dissolution can be a challenging task regardless of what is materially at stake in a given case. We prominently note that point at the proven Greenville family law firm of Dyer, Dyer, Jones & Daniels.

In fact, we underscore on our website that, “Navigating the emotionally charged divorce process can be overwhelming under any circumstance.” A union once perceived as permanent is coming to an end. Multiple matters – often diverse, sometimes disputed – call for immediate attention. Every divorce is flatly unique.

Having noted that, though, it is often the case that divorce negotiations are rendered comparatively complex when considerable property is involved. A so-called “high-asset divorce” often features an added layer of complicating factors that must be negotiated and resolved before a divorce decree is signed.

What centrally defines a high-asset divorce?

At the outset, of course, a high-asset decoupling implies substantial wealth. It is often the case that divisible marital property is also highly varied. Assets like the following must often be identified, accurately valued and fairly distributed between a divorcing couple:

  • Real property that can extend to a primary residence and more
  • Family business holdings
  • Financial accounts that can span various company-sponsored and bank savings/retirement vehicles
  • Company perks like pensions, stock options, bonuses and deferred compensation
  • Substantial personal holdings ranging from jewelry and heirlooms to art and memorabilia collections

That bulleted list is both lengthy and diverse, but spotlights only select examples within a broader universe of asset sources that often come to the fore in high-asset divorces.

The goal for an impending-ex in a high-net-worth divorce is to realize a fair outcome in the division of marital wealth. An experienced and results-oriented legal team focuses unwaveringly on securing that key objective.