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How damaging is road rash?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Firm News |

Mississippi motorcyclists are often at greater risk than other drivers. This is because their vehicle of choice does not offer much by way of protection. One of the most unique common injuries motorcyclists is road rash. Motorcyclists should treat it like the potentially devastating injury it is. 

At its mildest form, you can treat road rash from home. But this is not the level of road rash we will be looking at today. Road rash comes in three levels of severity: first, second and third degree. Second degree road rash is moderate and third degree is severe. 

Even moderate road rash can cause steep damage. Moderate road rash victims can suffer from lacerated muscle, nerves and tendons. These victims often face the possibility of scarring that will not go away. They may also deal with severed or damaged nerves. This can affect sensation in the injured area, numbing it or causing it to tingle. 

Severe road rash is even worse. There are cases in which a victim has had severe road rash flay flesh from their bone. Skin grafts may help with disfigurement and scarring. When large areas of the body have road rash, it can also lead to brutal and fast infection. 

It is important for motorcyclists to understand injuries in relation to motorcycles. If you wish to continue reading about road rash, you can follow the link to our web page on personal injury. It may also help to read about other common injuries motorcyclists have to deal with. This allows readers to form a more complete picture of the true risks of riding a motorcycle.